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Additive Manufacturing: Enabling Faster Industrial Growth in Africa

Additive manufacturing, often referred to as 3D printing, is an advanced manufacturing technology that is slowly but surely changing industrial production globally. While its adoption has gained significant traction in regions like Europe, America and Asia, Africa has only recently begun to recognize additive manufacturing’s value as a catalyst for economic development. The rise of additive manufacturing in Africa presents both opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to unlock its full potential.

Additive manufacturing in Africa remains in its nascent stages, with limited adoption and infrastructure compared to more developed regions. According to a report in Manufacturing Review, between 2010 and 2018, 37% of industrial additive manufacturing systems were installed in…

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Mintek adds a laser powder bed fusion 3D printer to array of cutting-edge technology

The acquisition of the AMAZEMET rePowder ultrasonic atomisation and alloy development machine by Mintek, South Africa’s national mineral research council, marked a technological breakthrough for the mineral processing and manufacturing industry. Mintek is proud to announce the purchase of a GE Additive Concept Laser Mlab Cusing R laser powder bed fusion 3D printer. Multitrade 3D Systems supplied and installed the machine.

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Thales deploys AddUp 350 in Morocco metal 3D printing facility

AddUp has installed a FormUp 350 quad laser machine at Thales 3D Morocco’s Casablanca-based facility.

The machine has been qualified under the European space protocol ECSS-Q-ST-70-80 C and is said to have met the technical requirements for some of the most challenging applications in the Thales ecosystem.

AddUp’s FormUp 350, launched in 2021, has been designed to be modular and scalable with four lasers each covering 100% of the build volume, and the machine equipped with advanced traceability and production control options to ensure it meets the ‘highest expectations in terms of productivity.’

As part of the dynamic between the two companies, AddUp will provide production assistance to Thales, with twin machines located at an AddUp facility. These twin machines are currently undergoing the same validation process, helping to ensure business continuity when demand increases above Thales’ capacity.

Thales opened its metal additive manufacturing facility in Casablanca in 2017, strategically basing its Thales 3D Morocco business in the heart of the local aerospace ecosystem. Since then, it has used metal 3D printing to deliver parts for heat sinks, radio frequency components and antenna supports in industries such as space, aviation and security.

With the addition of the FormUp 350 capacity, Thales 3D Morocco expects to expand its application opportunities, while also achieving an increase in productivity and reduction in costs.

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Mintek’s AMAZEMET acquisition to support SA’s additive manufacturing ambitions

Mintek’s latest technological acquisition, the AMAZEMET rePowder ultrasonic atomisation and alloy development machine, is an extremely advanced piece of equipment that is expected to strengthen and bolster the country’s minerals-based and three-dimensional (3D) printing industries.

The machine also aligns with the national mineral processing and metallurgical research council’s goal of providing critical infrastructure for South Africa’s industrial development.

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14Trees launches Iroko 3D printer for construction made in Africa

14 Trees, a joint venture (JV) between construction materials company Holcim and UK governmental development finance institution British International Investment (BII), has launched its new construction-ready three-dimensional (3D) printer, Iroko, to improve construction speed, cost and flexibility, while scaling up digital automation to build resilient and affordable housing, education infrastructure and commercial real estate worldwide.

The Iroko 3D construction printers were co-designed and manufactured with construction equipment company PMSA. The printers’ mobility and optimised assembly are key tenets of the design by 14Trees, it…

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3D Printing Construction in Egypt

Orascom Construction and Cobod Create JV to Bring the Latest 3D Printing Construction Technology to Egypt

Orascom Construction PLC (NASDAQ Dubai: OC; EGX: ORAS) announces that it has formed an exclusive partnership with Denmark-based COBOD International to bring the latest 3D Printing Construction (“3DPC”) technology for the first time to Egypt.

The partnership, owned 76% by Orascom Construction and 24% by COBOD, will play a leading role in the technological advancement of the construction sector in Egypt. Not only is this new technology more cost and time efficient compared to traditional methods of construction, but it…

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3D Printing in Health

MRCG at LSHTM Hosts International Workshop on 3D Printing in Health

The Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (MRCG at LSHTM) in collaboration with Make3D Company Limited and Prusa Research, with support from the Czech Development Agency concluded a two-day international training workshop on 3D Printing In Health.

The workshop, held from the 27th to 28th September 2022, at the Unit’s campus in Fajara, brought together 50 biomedical engineers, medical doctors, and PhD students from across various institutions including the MRCG at LSHTM, Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), Ndemban Clinic, Africmed and Students Association of Public and…

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3D Printing in Tourism with Women

The Gambia: Young women use technology and tourism to transform their communities

Fatou Juka Darboe is the co-founder and director of Make3D Company Limited, the first and only 3D printing company in The Gambia. Isatou Foon is a young tour guide from Janjanbureh, renowned for its historical and cultural heritage. What unites them is their passion to use trade to transform their communities. Both have benefited from the Youth Empowerment Project, an initiative of the International Trade Centre (ITC) funded by the European Union, which aims to unlock the potential of young people in The Gambia to support economic growth.

Make3D offers 3D printed products that help companies obtain customised items unavailable in The Gambia. This covers a wide range of products, from branded antibacterial combs for a local barbershop to bespoke lip balm containers for a…

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Prusa 3D Printers

The B2B Program of Czech Development Agency supported socially beneficial use of 3D printing in the Gambia

The Gambia is a country with little manufacturing capacity, where most goods are imported. At the same time, however, the smallest country in continental Africa is opening up to new technologies, especially in the field of education. The interest in innovations in healthcare and production is also on the rise. Therefore, Prusa Research, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D printers, with the support of the B2B Program of the Czech Development Agency, started a project whose goal is the socially beneficial use of 3D printing in the Gambia, especially in the field of healthcare and education. With the support of CzDA, the third largest 3D printing farm in Africa is being created in the Gambia.

Prusa Research currently distributes its 3D printers to customers in more than 160 countries around the world. Independent institutions such as the 3D Printing Industry Awards or the Make Magazine has repeatedly…

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3D Printed Prothetics

3D printed designed prosthetics afoot in The Gambia

Oftentimes we read or hear about “Leaving No One Behind” but how effectively do we ensure that our work truly caters to the most vulnerable in our society? Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms that are intrinsic to every person by virtue of their status as a human being. In this sense, human rights are ‘inalienable’ because they can neither be given to a person, nor can they be taken away from them. The differently abled or people with disabilities make up a large proportion of the most vulnerable in our society. In 2021, UNDP The Gambia Accelerator Lab sought to challenge ourselves and our Country Office on how we engage with this community. Starting with an innovation challenge for People with Disabilities (PwDs), which was won by the only 3D printing company in the country, Make3D, a 3D printing prosthetics design challenge focusing on amputees become our main flagship portfolio event. The target now is to…

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3D Print Farm in The Gambia

Gambia has 7th largest 3D printing farm in Africa

The Gambia has the 7th largest 3D printing farm in Africa. This was disclosed by Jiri Prusa, a project manager of Prusa Research during a 3-day workshop at Starfish International Library, Lamin.

The training which was organized by Make3D Company Limited in partnership with the Czech Republic Development Cooperation and Prusa Research saw participants learn how to assemble the 3D printers from scratch as well as how to use them in making different materials of their choice.

Speaking with NewDay during the seminar, the director of Make3D Company Limited, Fatou Juka Darboe said that the workshop was aimed at equipping institutions in the Gambia that…

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Women in 3D Printing in Africa

Breaking Gender Barriers in STEM: Establishing The First 3D Printing Company in The Gambia

Fatou “Juka” Darboe grew up in The Gambia with a family that always encouraged her to work hard and obtain a quality education. As she grew, Juka began to see that not all women had the same opportunities she enjoyed. This revelation inspired her to support women and girls through mentorship programs focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) later in her career.

Juka is a YALI Regional Leadership Center alumna and a certified maintenance technician with a background in applied mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering. In 2019, she co-founded Make 3D Company Limited , the first and only 3D printing company in The Gambia. Her company first started when she met her partner, Silvestr Tkáč, a tech enthusiast who…

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3D equipment for Gambian Woman

3D Equipment for Youth Led Gambian Initiatives

Three projects led by young Gambian women entrepreneurs received 3D printed items to enhance their business ideas. Items were designed by Make3D Company Limited, first Gambian 3D printing company with support of Youth Empowerment Project.

D printing also called additive manufacturing is an emerging technology opening new opportunities of manufacturing. Customized items, small scale…

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